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Award Scheme


Thefirstsearch award scheme is available to every member who makes a purchase with any advertiser that we are affiliated with.

To become eligible for these awards all you need to do is complete the simple sign up procedure on our home page.

Click on “New Member” at the top of the page and then complete the short sign up form. Remember to write down your username and password and keep them in a safe place.

Once you have completed the sign up form you can then log in and start to use your account.

If you have a business that you wish to advertise you can place an advert in our Business Directory via your account page. This advertising is FREE for all members.

Once you have signed up as a member you will start to collect the award points. Every time you spend money with any one of the advertisers that we are affiliated with you will receive award points. Any new points are added into your account and can be seen when you login.

These awards are only available when you purchase goods or services with one of our advertisers or partners that we are affiliated with.

We are not affiliated with every advertiser on the website because Thefirstsearch does accept paid for advertising from a wide range of companies and businesses and this covers an enormous range of goods and services.

To find out if a purchase you have made is subject to award points just send us a brief email when you have purchased something from one of our advertisers. Write to and tell us what you have purchased, the date and the amount and we will let you know if this is one of our affiliated companies.

All award points are added into members accounts between the 7th and 15th of each month.

There are two options for redeeming award points.

  1. Use your points to pay for advertising on Thefirstsearch website.
  2. Use your points to purchase goods from our online catalogue. The catalogue will be available on the website from January 2007.