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Do I have to sign up as a member with the Firstsearch to use the website.
You do not have to sign up but you will need to if you want to load your business into the Business Directory and to receive the Firstsearch award points that will be on offer.
You would need to be a member to load your Sales or Rental property into our property database.

Are there any other benefits if I join as a member.
Yes there are, for example all members will receive FREE advertising in the Business Directory.
As a member you can load Property sales and Rentals into our property search engine FREE of charge.

Do I need to give my full address and telephone number when I sign up as a member.
No, all we need is your name, a user name, password and most importantly your email address. It would also help us if you can include your country of residence. If at some time you want to redeem some award points for goods then we will need your mailing address.

Will my personal details be kept safe once I sign up as a member.
Yes, we will never pass on your personal details or email address to any third parties.

What are the award points that are shown on the website.
Every time you spend money with any one of the advertisers that we are affiliated with you will receive award points. Any new points are added into your account and can be seen when you login.

Are you affiliated with every company that is listed on the website.
No, the reason that we cannot be affiliated with every advertiser is because Thefirstsearch does accept paid for advertising from a wide range of companies and businesses and this covers an enormous range of goods and services.

How will I know if you are affiliated to a company that I am booking with or buying goods from?
The easy way is for you to send us a brief email when you have purchased something from one of our advertisers. Write to and tell us what you have purchased, the date and the amount and we will let you know if this is one of our affiliated companies. The award point’s scheme is not yet active, we will notify every member prior to the launch.

How do I redeem or spend my award points.
You have two choices, you can either use these points to pay for any advertising that you want to place on the website. Alternatively you can select goods from our online catalogue.

Can I have more than one entry in the Business Directory.
Yes, if you have a business with multiple locations then you can add in as many locations as you require.

I want to add my property but do not see my country or location on the website.
Only countries that have properties currently appear on the website. Once you loaded a property in a country that does not currently appear, the new country will appear.