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How do I sign up and load my property.

Click NEW MEMBER and sign up with your Name/Company and email address. Select a Username and Password, which you will need every time you log into your account.

Once you have submitted the form you are automatically logged in to your account.

To add a rental property, click on RENTALS in the logged in toolbar.

You will see a small “HELP” button this will give you a full explanation on how to load property and photographs.

Then click on ADD PROPERTY.

A form will appear where you can enter all of the details for the property.

Please remember to give the property a clear reference name.

Use the description box to add in as many notes as you need, you can also add special dates and extra rental prices in to this box.

Once you click ADD PROPERTY you will then see a page where you have a choice of loading photos for the property or modifying the rental price. Click on UPLOAD PHOTOS where you will be taken to a page where you can add the photos of the property.

When you are logged in you will see a small HELP button on the right hand side click this and it will give you detailed account management instructions.

Adding a Sales or Rental property is FREE.

Do I have to give the address of the property I am advertising?

No, but in the form it would help if you just put the location of the property in the box i.e. Estepona, Orlando, Brighton etc.

Can I put my property in the Business Directory as well as the Sales and Rental section?

Yes, when you sign up you are entitled to free adverting in the Business Directory.

How can I get more coverage and exposure for my business?

You have a couple of choices; you could buy a front-page banner for your company. Click any "Buy This Space" box on the website home page. The other way to get more out of your advertising is to buy a page in the Special Offers or Members Offers section where for 50.00 Euros you could have your own page for 3 months.

What if my company runs an Affiliate Scheme?

This is even better because if we sign up as an affiliate with your company then it is in our interest to get your company as much exposure as possible. If we are affiliated to your company then your page entries into the Special Offers or Members sections will be FREE of charge.